Talk about Sex

Apparently the sex talk that many parents fret about needs to start early. Way early.

I have been reading it in the media, on blogs I visit and I hear it from my kids. The sex talk should not be all mystery, magic and fairy tales.

If you want your kids to know the facts about sex, puberty and relationships tell them in detail yourself.

Bust the myths that online porn is how you learn about sex. Bust the myth that teen magazines are the most reliable source for body and relationship advice. Bust the myth that your kid’s friends know the facts.

As parents we need to step up. We need to talk sex. Make it normal, real. Celebrate it as a part of life that is a real blessing. Be real about the hard bits and messy bits. But be real about the commitment to love our kids as they journey the changes, to be there by their side.

World Tour at our Table

Feeding the family is often a fairly pedestrian task. Making food and getting it to the table in the midst of work and school and extra curricula activities. So last weekend after a week of holiday we had enough head space to come up with this idea – a world tour at our table. So the kids put together a list of countries they liked and we randomly drew one out of our ‘magic’ bag. China.

So the challenge this week has been to cook Chinese food. Ordinarily this should not be such a challenge. My father is Chinese. He came to Australia, met my Australian mother, taught her all he knew about Chinese cooking and once she had mastered it he promptly “forgot”. So Mum has been such an inspiration when it comes to food during my life. She has now started to teach my children. But the more complicated Chinese dishes I know are not amongst my quick, easy stand by recipes.

In spite of that, this week we have enjoyed Steamed Ginger fish, Hoi Sin Chicken, Wonton Noodles and a feast. Now this feast was essentially prepared and cooked by my eldest children. The highlight amongst the four dishes they made was satay prawns ( a Women’s Weekly Chinese Cookbook staple). They have learnt the process of good Chinese food preparation and how to work the wok, the line up of ingredients and most essential – to wash up as you go. Delicious.

I wonder where we will go next week!