My Mumma Bakes….

Ginger Nuts

These gorgeous biscuits were not baked by me, but by my Mum. She is an amazing cook. I think food does and always will express her love for family, friends and community.
What I love best is that her recipe is handed on from her sister’s sister-in-law and it appears in her little black recipe journal that I remember from childhood. There are hand written notes, pasted in recipes clipped from newspapers and magazines. Does you family have ¬†keep sake recipe journals, files and folders? I hope so….it is a little bit of family history. All tied up in the food we share. If you can interpret the ingredients below and have ¬†enough basic knowledge you can make these yourself.

Just a few tips: Cream butter and sugar first. And CT stands for Cream of Tartar. They smell amazing baking in the oven and your home will too. Enjoy!