Learning from Kate

As a family we have had an up and down sort of interest in the national reality show MasterChef. Being a foodie of sorts from way back I have enjoyed “meeting” the great chefs of the world via the show and attending the masterclasses. But as you would know much of my food preparation today is about good, wholesome, fresh food for our 7 mouths and not 3 star restaurant quality, perfectly plated dishes.

But there are several key things we learn as a family while watching the show:

  • You need resilience to keep going, when disaster strikes, you are under pressure and things are not going right.You can do it.
  • You need to have a goal, something to motivate you to work hard, perform well and present your best.
  • You must be organised – keeping your work space clean as you go is very important – it is a shame we never see the contestants clean up afterwards, as that is what our family needs to learn!
  • Your presentation is not always everything but we do eat with our eyes, so even spag bol should look good on the plate. In my world you always need some green on the plate.
  • You must taste as you cook to season well and ensure the dish is coming together.
  • You must be a willing learner – and Kate exemplified this in so many ways. Not only did she learn about food, but herself, what was important to her in life and I suspect she learnt new things about her children and husband.
So well done Kate. It was great to see you loving your family from a distance and to keep your eyes on the prize and running the race. May your food bless many.