Everyday Pain

How do you cope with everyday pain? A headache here or there. Today I am trying to hydrate, eat better, swallow the pill of perseverance and a Panadol to get me through the day. But I know that my aches and complaints are nothing. There are those who labour with chronic illness day after day after day. There are those who have a terminal illness and battle complaints that exacerbate and do not fade. 

How does a mother cope when her child is ill constantly? How does a partner care for and love a spouse when he or she is a shadow of the their former self? How do we we bear the pain and grief of current wounds and still hold onto a future hope that one day all will be healed?

For some inspiration and insight into pain and suffering you would do well to consider Jean’s perspective on Joni Eareckson Tada and Stephen Estes’ When God Weeps here or Dave Mc Donald’s journey with incurable lung cancer at this blogpost, Hope Beyond Failure.

Everyday pain is made better with the knowledge of a future hope.