PS More on the Country and City

The family morning rush …..taken by a small child of mine

But…..but I do miss things about the city. Choice….you can choose where you live, where you work, play and worship. If it doesn’t work out you can then move on and choose again. I miss the innovation of urban life, the feeling that something amazing is happening down your street or over the fence. I miss the multicultural melting pot that manifests itself in community living, where cultures are intertwined in food and festivals and daily life. I miss some of the freedoms that ‘appear’ to be there in the city, that I fear my country cousin is less tolerant of. I miss being able to be in the heart of the city and watch the sea of faces and feel the tidal wave of energy and be completely anonymous, just be a simple observer, without being observed.
As a mother of five young people I want my children to experience life in the city, to be there enough to delight in the energy and innovation; to be aware of the freedoms and simultaneous limitations; to know that our world is so diverse in culture, language, food, custom and belief; to be able to navigate the urban world without fear but with healthy inquisitiveness. As a family loving living in the country our world will not remain in the country alone. We will sojourn to the city to see family and to fill our eyes and ears with the sights and sounds of our bigger cousin. And to find inspiration to take home, to make our home.