Magic Words

You know it is true. Manners are paramount. They are important for everyone – big people and little people. But why do they seem to disappear when we are busy, frustrated, rushed or impatient? I find all sorts of things come rushing out of my mouth…strange sounds, harsh tones, sometimes inaudible gasps of discouragement when I am trying to negotiate the bedtime routine, or finalise teeth cleaning, hair brushing and back packing as we are scrambling out the door in the morning.
Manners are magic. But I need more than “nice ” words. I need to make time to stop, pause and carve out a moment before I speak. I ¬†need to take a deep breath and carefully choose my words. Words that instruct but simultaneously affirm and encourage. As two small people left for school today my youngest called out ¬†“God Bloss”. Her own special, well chosen positive words. Magic.