About a Boy

Today is about my boy, my young man.

But is also about me and my man. We became parents 18 years ago.
I became a Mumma.

Making a cake for this birthday has been bittersweet. An early celebration with friends was a chocolate Jaffa dessert cake. There was no dinosaur, Thomas Train or X box. My boy remembers them all in great detail.

As we celebrate with family tonight we will welcome him into adulthood. But in truth we are  all floating on this week’s mammoth hype, the new Star Wars film. It has been better than all the end of year celebrations apparently….

When my boy was five years old we lived in London. He crept downstairs one night and found my husband and I watching the original Star Wars on TV. He was mesmerized.  That year turning six he had a Star Wars themed party with his entire prep class. Each boy bringing with him a plastic weapon and a lot of Jedi courage. We required some courage too to contain 25 six year old children, but we did it.

There has been so much in between. Many cakes and celebrations. The journey has been amazing. And in truth for him it has only just begun. Xxx

Feeding the family that grows…

Officially today Jakob is taller than me. Is this a reason to celebrate or to mourn the loss of my baby boy? I have about 11 weeks to go and counting before our 6 mouths will turn into 7. A far more Godly number that, number seven.

I was recently very encouraged to read in one of the arty design blogs I follow from time to time that the gorgeous Anna Maria Horner is expctting too, number 6! She has been parenting for 17 years and I suspect must have started very early as she looks so young. Check out her blog and see what I mean.


This week it has felt like a battle to feed all the mouths in our house: more travel, work, pregnancy tiredness and tests have met less time to cook and bake. So our standbys have been:

  • Stir Fried Noodles
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry with Rice
  • Fish and Chips (the frozen kind!) with salad
  • Spaghetti Bolognese

Last week I had roasted 2 chickens when family came for dinner and then had to face using leftovers to make soup, chicken pie, chicken sandwiches……I think you can have too much chicken in a week. Here’s to the week ahead with more variety for the ever growing needs of our tribe.