Women who hate Women’s Conference

Image from The Resurgence

So I am days away from going to a regional Women’s Conference. The organisers have been successfully utilising the resources from Equip and running a local event that encourages women to gather together to get some great teaching, training and networking opportunities. I am keen to see how it goes. I suspect there will be no bells, smells and show bags. This is not a women’s conference where you are told to be kind to yourself, be moved to tears by another’s story and book into the day spa. I hope that we will be encouraged to think about the truth, mediate on the word, repent, receive and share our stories of change. Of His change and work in us.

Well known and respected women’s speaker Elyse Fitzpatrick, speaking at The Resurgence reveals why she hates women’s conferences and the fluff and bricks that go with them. An insightful article. Why do you go to women’s conferences?

Top Five Friday

In my spare time (??) I have had the opportunity to find some great blogs and resources this week. These are my top five  finds of the week. I trust you will find sometime over the weekend to explore them a little more….everything will be alright you know.

image: Roman and Williams.

Love shopping but fear you may over indulge?  Carmelina Reid’s “Confessions of a Shopaholic”- EQUIP10 – The Great Escape. may have some great insights.

Selected as Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influences The Sartorialist gives me glimpses of fashion and design fun without having to buy or trawl through endless magazines.

How do you make sense of life when your husband dies of cancer? Mandy Smith talks about losing Zac one year after his death in this great short video.

And if you really want to be convicted about your prayer life get ready to hear Crazy Love author Francis Chan speaking at Desiring God’s 2011 Pastors Conference. Awesome….

And some good weekend baking ideas, courtesy of Poppytalk.