Mind Craft

Beautiful minds inspire others. It is not physical beauty alone that captures us. But a mind that is creative, reflective, humble, kind and generous. A beautiful mind does not evolve by accident. One needs to nurture and nourish a mind that can serve, love, accept and inspire others.  What I think about, what I read and view in public and private all serves to shape my mind’s ‘beauty’. There is a craft to dwelling on things that are noble, true and pure. I need to surround myself with people who inspire me. I need to say no to those ideas, dreams and fantasies that allow anger and discontentment to rise. I need to curate my input – texts, media and real life experiences. It is hard to have a beautiful mind. How beautiful is your mind today?

Friendly Advice Family Advice

I wonder what your response is to this quote? I think I like it. And I think it resonates. I can think of a dozen times throughout my years when this sentiment could describe my own situation.
We are not good at affirming each other, encouraging one another and celebrating their joy, reward and fullness. We tend to be critical, judgemental, awkward in our silence and lack enthusiasm when a friend takes the first step to actually do something new and BIG. So I have saved this quote so that I am inspired to not be that someone that says “it cannot be done.” I want to be sensible and realistic about the circumstances and context too, but I want to commit to listening well to others, to expanding their horizons. And I suspect this applies firstly to my own family. I am often telling my children no because it doesn’t suit me and I have no energy for their new and BIG idea. I don’t want my limitations – being tired, grumpy, selfish or busy – to limit their opportunities.

Mags for Inspiration

The Knot

 I am loving finding new things to look at – I have always loved magazine but have had a sabbatical from buying them. A long story which I am sure you can track back in the blog. But as I wonder the through Barnes and Noble these are a few that I haven’t seen at home. If you want to find out more I am sure Pinterest will offer you more insight.

Papier Mache and Mollie Makes -DIY Fashion

Art Journaling



Country Living Modern Rustic


But do you know why this statement is true? Why not dwelling on the past is just as important as not being a slave to the future? Both options refuse to let you be free today, to be the one He intended you to be and to enjoy this day and deal well with all that comes your way.

 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34


Be inspired….this is a pencil drawing. Amazing.
If you have time and energy to find ideas worth sharing, then you’ve got time and energy to bring ideas of your own to life.  Bernadette Jiwa
So….I figure a lot of what I do here is sharing ideas, encouraging others to use, create, reflect. Well at least I hope that is how you respond to the blogposts. So maybe I need to be bringing some of these ideas to life! What should I do? How should I use the next season of my life to do something I am really passionate about? Now this is a question that flaws be on a grey day. How about you? What are you hoping to do?