Rainbow Looms

Kid’s request. Mum you have to blog about Looms. Until a few months ago we did not even know these little coloured rubber bands existed. I think I bought a packet and put into a Christmas stocking but there was little enthusiasm for trying it out.Well that has all changed and  by mid term at our school you cannot take 10 paces in the grounds before finding little people covered in bands and loom kits in hand. I might add the school is discouraging wearing loom bands because they are after all jewellery.

Looms are creations from small coloured rubber bands and a loom kit that allows you to finger knit effectively. My older kids use a fish tail braid pattern for a tight band and it looks good. In fact I think the Rainbow Looms have won toy of 2014. I am excited that instead at desiring screens my little people are using their loom. I am not sure what we will do wit 100s of rainbow loom bracelets ( yes all 7 of us have our own collection). So maybe you can expect one in your Xmas stocking next year?