Pelvic Floor

Since baby number four (now two years old!) I have been trying to get to the Flex’n’core class at the local gym. It is a gentle class that combines pilates and work with a fit ball. It is absolutely fabulous for inner core strength – yes, I mean the old pelvic floor. If you have been pregnant and given birth you will know exactly what I am talking about. That band of muscle that holds everything in gets S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D beyond recognition and I suspect most women spend the rest of their lives trying to get it back into some working order.

But today the class was full to over flowing. There were more than the recommended number simply because this newish instructor is so good. She is an excellent teacher, uses great words of encouragement, works hard to remember names and is able to pitch a class at multiple levels at once. Her humour and great modelling make us all come back I think.

In any given class I will know 6-10 people. Women from school, work, community, neighbours, church circles…the list goes on. We talk casually about “X” as we prepare for the class, we share each others pain as we go for “another set of 10” and then we chat as we leave the building. Sometimes we have coffee afterwards and other times conversation begins when we arrive at the creche to collect our children.

I was really struck today by the mission field that is in front of my face each day. Do I see this as an exercise class that helps improve my pelvic floor? Or is this a God given opportunity to build relationships, share experiences and encourage other women?

If I choose to hear the promptings of the HS I will go each week now, prayerfully, intentionally and with the desire to flex more than my inner core! I wander what mission God is calling you to, today.