Best Viewing 2012 – Xmas Gifts

A boxed set of quality film or a television series makes a wonderful gift than can be revisited throughout the year ahead. What television dramas have you enjoyed this year?
Here is a list of my Best Viewing for 2012:

Downtown Abbey Рfor the period drama loving mother, mother in law, sister or girlfriend 
Seasons 1-3

Suits – for a taste of the corporate legal world and high end fashion
The Killing – the US version proved to be enthralling and worth working your way through 2 complete seasons
Call the Midwife – East End of London period piece about the work of the midwife and the ‘life’ they see around them
Castle – an engaging tale of a NY cop and a crime writer who play out one of the longest courtships in history. A real Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy moment.