Beard Man

So this is not my man. And I am not sure I really like this example of a beard, but it is representative of the new wave of beards that seem to be everywhere. Sportsmen, celebrities, models – everything that the marketing people want to sell you is being held, watched, driven, eaten and drunk by Beard Man. Truly, take a look around.
No longer relegated to the Grandpa or hillbilly, Beard Man can be young, fit and famous. In my case he is my man. And I like his beard, kept short enough to add colour, a bit of texture and interest. When my man and I first met he had a beard – a longer one and quite gingery aka Viking Man. He determined that any woman that could see ‘through’ the beard to the real man was a keeper. Here I am, many, many years later. And decades on fashion has brought it back. What do you think? Do you like Beard Man?

My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter

Tiffany Beveridge • 4 days ago

On Eighties Awareness Day at school, Quinoa was especially protective of her friend Fennel’s Wham-inspired pompadour. #MIWDTD

Tiffany Beveridge • 2 days ago

“Wait, Farro. We don’t run after the ice cream truck. We wait for the ice cream truck to come to us.” – Quinoa #MIWDTD

There has recently been a bit of media about super fashionable mothers who spend a small fortune dressing their hip kidos in cashmere and designer shoes. To say that purchasing fabulous clothes for little people and then using them like mobile clotheshorses brought these yummy mummys joy is an understatement. It gave them purpose, focus. I am astounded.

But this here is hilarious. Tiffany Beveridge’s parody of little people with too much fashion kudos is a real laugh. And with names like Quinoa and Farro her comments on Pinterest are perfect. Take a peek!

Revealing our Dignity

Jessica Rey

Modesty is not trendy. Do a simple google search for modest  dress and you will overwhelmed by frumpy, dumpy and daggy items of women’s apparel. Think full length tents pulled in at all of the wrong places! So it is always refreshing to see a smart, savvy woman advocate modesty and fashion. Jessica Rey’s new line of swimwear is anti – bikini. But her swim line offers women a real alternative. And I find this refreshing.

Q Ideas presents this compelling talk by Jessica Rey about the history of the bikini, modesty and fashion. Did you know the original bikini was meant to fit through a wedding ring!? Jessica Rey argues that within the construct of modesty, there is a freedom—that modesty isn’t about covering up what’s bad, but about revealing dignity.

Fashion Talks to Modesty

How short are your shorts?

Fashion has never liked being in conversation with modesty. They each have different agendas and aspirations. Fashion is dictated to by the trends, the seasons new colourways, patterns, fabrics, look and lengths. Modesty however, is concerned more with presentation, comfort and practicality. But the two don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

There are many occasions when fashion and modesty have a great time together. If you like design and fashion but you are also mindful of dressing in a manner that is flattering to your shape and not drawing extra attention to your womanly bits, then there is every chance you have an eye for great clothes and look good most of the time.

But you know there are also extremes. When fashion strides out, making a mark of the local street with all manner of outrageous designs. Similarly, modesty can become too self righteous and sport frumpy, old school cover-alls that are unfeminine and a design nightmare. Either way no one wins. And both fashion and modesty look ordinary.

As the mother of girls and as summer approaches I am scanning wardrobes and editing and collating clothes that fit well, are fun and fashionable but are not skimpy, short or too revealing. And I need to apply that to my wardrobe as well.

You may be new to this and think I am overacting. Once upon a time I would have reacted that way too. But there is good reason to work through the whole topic of modesty. I have found C.J. Mahaney and his wife on this topic very helpful. You can read a blog series and download them here.  Or visit the GirlTalk Blog and see how they have developed the discussion between fashion and modesty. Take the challenge and make Fashion and Modesty Talk.

Melbourne Cup Day

So it is the auspicious Melbourne Cup today. Thousands flock to race tracks in special frocks, crazy hats and smart suits to sip champagne and place a bet on a winning horse. Me, I am not much of a gambler. From a young age it was instilled in us that it was a pretty ordinary thing, gambling.

Instead we had good friends join us for breakfast and then we spent a few lovely hours at the beach in the sun. Quiet. Restful. No hooraaahh! But it feels as though the earth is warming up, the sun is shining more frequently, there are hints of Christmas everywhere and the end of the academic year is just a whisper away. So happy Melbourne Cup Day.