Making Sushi

My boy snapped a shot of me the other week making nori/sushi rolls for school lunches. We like variety in our lunch and endeavour to try new things with the kids. If I have rice on hand I find making these little rolls no more trouble than making a sandwich. Plus these Japanese lunch treats fulfil the no bread lunch dream. Do you find your lunches burdened by bread? My top five no bread lunches for school:

1. Japanese Nori/Sushi Rolls
2. Egg and Bacon pies – pastry free
3. Salad in a bag – a zip lock bag full of salad love
4. Thermos of home made soup
5. Oven baked Chicken Drumsticks with dipping sauce

Would you care to share your school lunch ideas for our 7mouths2feed?

No Bread Lunch

Do you get bored with the no bread lunch option? I think it just takes a shift in thinking Рthe bread does not have to be the hold all, but the plate can be. This was lunch last week when I had an over supply of portobello mushrooms. I saut̩ed the mushrooms in some olive oil and garlic and tossed in some asparagus and baby spinach. And to add something special to my plate I crumbled some stilton cheese over it all. If you are a blue cheese fan you will know what I mean when I say it made the mushrooms sing! Fabulous no bread lunch, gluten and grain free.