Coffee Fix

image I have been reflecting on coffee culture. Our habits that have us consuming coffee daily to get us moving, thinking and communicating. I arrange to meet friends for a coffee, we talk over coffee, we cry over our coffee. How do you do life without it? For me giving up coffee is fraught with difficulty. When I have taken myself off caffeine I have been an ‘ ugly’, difficult woman. But in the lat week I keep reading about how less caffeine might be good for me. It will help my sleep, my sense of peace, my pace of life. I want to be able to work hard but not at the expense of my heart racing or being awake at 3 am. So how might things go if I were to slow life a little and remove my coffee fix? Will you join me to stop rushing, stop consuming and find the real me, buried between layers of caffeine? Let’s do it.

Egg and Bacon Muffins

How easy can breakfast or lunch be with these egg and bacon muffins? I had been looking for quick, healthy items that the family could grab on the go. Whether they get used as breakfast muffins or lunch box fillers these protein rich, carb gluten and dairy free wonders work well. Simply spray your tin/tray of choice, line each hole with bacon, crack and egg in each one, season with pepper and bake in a moderate oven until bacon is crisp and eggs are cooked. We have experimented with adding baby spinach, feta and oven roasted tomatoes. All these are great additions. Let your imagination go – just keep it simple.

Wholesome Mid Week Food

IMG_4520It has been cold today. The week is busy and everyone seems to have a dozen different things on the go. Mid Week Dinner needs to be fast, ‘food on the go’. I have a long repertoire of fast food, one pot wonders where I can add so much goodness and spice and flavour. And the prep is easy. The final product wholesome.

This is a version of chilli con carne but less heavy. Some premium mince beef, sautéed with onion, garlic, carrot, celery; all topped with diced  can tomatoes, chilli, red kidney beans, curry powder and chilli. Add a little water and season to taste. At the last minute add green beans. Serve in bowls with steamed rice and garnish with fresh coriander.

Rebuild By Prayer


I have been thinking a lot about prayer. How I long to pray more, longer, better, more wholeheartedly. I am convinced that this is what we were made for. To pray, to worship and honour and glorify our maker. However, I suspect that most of us struggle.

I convince myself that if I think about an issue, idea, person for long enough then I have probably prayed about it. Or if I conference with a friend over coffee then I have somehow handed it over to the one above. But both of those practices are ineffective. And God knows it.

Sometimes I do rifle shot prayers, as Matt Chandler calls them. They get His attention. They get mine. But they fail to deepen my relationship or reliance on Him.

Just like anything, any relationship of value and importance we need time. Quiet time. Time and a place to give to nurture that relationship. And this is not an easy task – life is busy, loud, demanding, stressful. Chandler’s encouragement to rebuild by prayer from the book of Nehemiah is encouraging, practical. How do you find time to pray?


Hanging On

Some days feel this way don’t they? I don’t think we really have any other option but to keep hanging on. What we make our knot out of, now that is another matter.

  • My hope is built on nothing less
    Than Jesus Christ, my righteousness;
    I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
    But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
  • On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
  • All other ground is sinking sand.



There has been this sense that life is not quite right. That the balance is out, that I am not investing in the right things. And yet all of the things I do seem to be firmly, front and centre on my to do list. I care for our family, our home, love my man, engage with friends and the local community. And yet still agitation persists.Image

We have had over a week with sickness plaguing our home. So it is not surprising that I am tired, a little anxious about when and where the next sick episode will strike and predisposed to thinking negatively about the days events.

Agitation, the emotional state of excitement or restlessness probably describes me right now. I am restless because my routine has to be abandoned to accommodate sick children. I have rescheduled work, coffee dates and the usual home duties have changed. I do more laundry, more cooking meals for the family and have had to say no to some things I love. But do I acknowledge this change? Am I dealing with it? The answer is probably….not.

Agitation needs to meet peace. I know where to go…..

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4: 7 (ESV)