Miss Jean

My daughter asked me the other day would I miss wearing jeans?

Yes, I said emphatically. Yes I would.

I am returning to work. Regular paid work. Not the flexible kind of a researcher or consultant. And as a result I have to wear regular work clothes.

My interpretation of professional dress has certainly changed over the years as my style, my budget and my commitments have changed. But what is true is that I will miss my jeans. They have become my uniform. I wear them for comfort, I could walk miles in them, I wear them summer and winter. In fact when I really stop and reflect I am always on the hunt for a new and better jean – more shape, more whiskering, lower waist, higher waist. And I love a vintage jean for that slightly worn in feel of the denim. Could it be that jeans are my happy place? Maybe.

I need to find my work wear equivalent. What do you wear to work?


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