Kimchi Magic

I have made Kimchi once before and it worked. My man loves it, I think it harks back to European roots and eating Sauerkraut. To make the Kimchi magic happen in my kitchen I have used Sarah Wilson’s Simplicious as a starting point. But to say I followed it would be an exaggeration, I got the general vibe of the method and pressed go!

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish of fermented vegetables. Most recipes usually contain cabbage, and occasionally onions, garlic and red capsicum. Fermentation occurs with water and spices added to the veggies, with the lactic-acid bacteria that is created renowned for increasing good gut bacteria.

I made a wombok based Kimchi and a mixed vegetable fermented vegetable mix.
Mixed Veggie Kimchi with added turmeric

The basis of the fermented Kimichi is washed and sliced vegetables, a good dollop of sliced/processed chilli, ginger and garlic, a few large tablespoons of salt and some good fish sauce.All this goodness is massaged into the vegetables (I sue rubber gloves ).  There is a strong smell lingering about your large container. I pinched my bread making containers for the job, but I would recommend using a ceramic or glass bowl.

This is slow food as the process of fermentation is magic that takes time. After leaving the mixture overnight it has ‘wilted’ as the salt has drained the moisture out and you are left with well marinated goodness to scoop into sterilized jars. It is important that the jars are not tightly closed as there is a lot of gassing and fizzing going on at this stage. I keep my jars next to the stove and after 2-3 days they are ready to seal and eat. 

How do you eat this wonderful fermented food? With meat and rice, on noodles, mixed into salads, on your morning eggs…..really with anything. This is fun cooking that is good for your gut. Enjoy. xx

Mid Week Granola


Mid Week Granola

There are a lot of cooking tasks that should be weekend jobs. Making the yogurt, the granola, a pot of soup, bread for the first few busy days of the week and so on. But inevitable I find I need to do it all again, sooner than I think. So mid week hump day and here I am planning another batch of Granola/muesli goodness. 

This recipe is from a much loved foodie Karen Martini. I think I will tweak the original recipe here and add some rye or buckwheat flour to get that lovely crunchy, granola effect. I also find apply juice is great in lieu of using so much syrup – it helps to bind it all together. How it will appear in the final cut will depend what I find in the pantry. Apricots instead of berries, raisins instead of sultanas, walnuts instead of almonds… know the drill. Enjoy! xx

This recipe appears on Karen Martini’s website.


400 grams organic rolled oats
50 grams flaked almonds
100 grams whole raw almonds
150 grams sunflower seeds
150 grams sesame seeds
50 grams chia seeds
125 grams pepitas
100 grams shredded coconut
100 grams sultanas
100 grams mixed dried berries, optional
2½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 whole nutmeg, freshly grated
100 ml coconut oil
125 ml golden syrup
125 ml black treacle or maple syrup 


Preheat the oven to 180°C fan-forced or 200°C conventional.
Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl until well combined. Add the oil and syrups and rub through the mix thoroughly with your fingers.
Spread the mix out in one layer on lined baking trays and toast for 20 minutes, shake the trays after 10 minutes to toast the mix evenly. Allow to cool on the trays and then store in an airtight container for up to a month.

Sitting on the Fence

Sitting on the fence. What will I be when I grow up? Get qualified? Get fit? Learn a new skill?

Have you ever wondered what is your passion? Your calling or vocation? These questions keep finding me, haunting me. And I know that I am not alone. The big idea I have encountered recently is that life can sometimes be so busy and ‘noisy’ that we are unable to identify exactly what it is that we should do, what brings us joy. What does work and busyness feels like when we are doing our thing? Some like to call it our flow, our mojo, our sweet spot. I am still reflecting on mine. What I do know is that it is no use sitting on the fence. Being lukewarm is disconcerting, sitting in limbo will not achieve anything. So today my goal is to get off the fence and walk towards that sweet spot, confident, hopeful, expectant.

Midlife Woman Syndrome


Do you ever wonder how you can feel several emotions almost at the same time? You can be so joyful one moment and overwhelmed by fear or resentment the next. Yep, me too. I wish there was a name for it, a label or diagnosis. I fear that it could be midlife woman syndrome.

We are good at presenting one face to the world while inwardly groaning for all that disappoints and disrupts our flow, our peace. I am hoping that capturing those emotions, naming them and owning them will help me to deal with them. So in prayer, meditation and journal writing these emotions will be dealt with and the Midlife Woman Syndrome (MWS) acknowledged for what it is. All the best for your journey chasing your emotions.

Bullet Journal

Planning this year has been a journey, a bumpy adventure. I have gifted my lovely Adore planner to my girl and started again. R.E.W.I.N.D.
 have been playing with the Bullet Journal  developed by Ryder Carroll. Think BYO journal and pen, a basic knowledge of the bullet journal concept and I am off and away.

What do I love? So much. But in essence I love the flexibility. From a girl who loves journals, art journals and pen and paper this is fun. Stay tuned for more about this new adventure. Xx

Why you should uninstall Facebook iOS app


So it is true. There are gremlins on my smartphone slowly draining it of life. According to Samuel Gibbs from The Guardian the Facebook app is draining your phone of life, well power anyway. He documents a short at home test that shows that the Facebook app is zapping life from his iphone, whereas the Facebook mobile site, accessed via Safari is both user friendly and not has demanding on your phone battery.

This news may not have made your day, as no lives were saved. But I am thankful that there are other interested people dedicating time to improving the tech tools we use and take for granted each day.

Midas Touch

Bling! I love a little bit of bling. I think it helps that there are hints of metallic everywhere this season, from clothes and shoes and right into the bedroom. I feel more relaxed about sporting these Midas lace up shoes in  metallic. The gold base works well with the silver and copper. And it has been a very ‘neutral’ shoe to wear with everything. Maybe gold is the new black?