Ridiculous, everything all at once.

Are you still with me? Maybe you have not been checking in on me either! It has been a crazy December here in the Southern Hemisphere. We like to do EVERYTHING at once. Truly.

We do the end of school break ups, teacher presents, class parties while simultaneously having our small people performing in nativity plays, carol services and special end of year assemblies. The end of the school year is an important occasion to mark and celebrate, however it coincides with a ridiculous number of Christmas parties for work, committees, volunteer groups, sports and church groups, book clubs and of course your friends! Then there is Advent (we tried and have officially failed this year!), Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating and much Christmas baking. After the third night in a row in early December when I was juggling royal icing at 10 pm I did wonder what I was doing!? We had accumulated a crazy amount of white poison (icing sugar).  Little people had sampled gingerbreads, fudge, chocolate truffles and Christmas cakes and as they ate and licked and rubbed their tummies trails of sugar were left all through the house.

We also decided that December was a good month to complete the upstairs renovation and install carpet into all the bedrooms. Now it has been an amazing transformation. I cannot tell you how good it is not to be living with dusty, rickety floors anymore. But this mini ‘project’ meant that we had days of moving furniture and kids camping in strange places.

On top of it all we have had more illness, a birthday, friends visit and crazy busy work demands.
My own research is a faint memory of something I do/did/will do after Summer holidays, perhaps.
So as we rapidly approach Christmas day I want to wish you a blessed celebration of Jesus’ birth. May your day be peaceful and may there be joy and hope to follow the busyness and stress on Xmas day. Cheers. S xx

2 thoughts on “Ridiculous, everything all at once.”

  1. Gosh I feel exhausted just reading of all your activity! You are remarkable.

    I am busy packing our house (with Tim interstate) for the arrival of the removalists on monday. It is a crazy time of year. We move to Brisbane on the 1st January.

    Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have a happy day celebrating Jesus' birth.


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