The Fabric Store

One of the earliest jobs I ever had was working in a local fabric store. At the time I sewed a little and dabbled in creative projects but was not a dressmaker. However, I could tell others how much fabric to buy, advise them on accessories, haberdashery items, recommend different fabric weights, types and textures. In short I became an expert on fabric and learnt to appreciate fine quality. I trace my love of linen and Liberty fabrics to those formative years working with Rex and Roma.

My daughter and I had some fun visiting The Fabric Store in Melbourne. The purpose of our visit was to source an appropriate fabric for a dress she has to make for school. The Madison  from Merchant and Mills is a classic dress designed to fit, flatter and offer the youngest seamstress the opportunity to develop some skills. We were successful in finding a heavier dark navy Sateen cotton to create her Madison dress.

Nowadays, I am too busy to be sewing. Sadly my days of quilting and creating have been left for more demanding tasks of work and study. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love looking at fabric. The Fabric Store was a source of great inspiration, for me and my girl.

2 thoughts on “The Fabric Store”

  1. I love linen and Liberty too. In fact we have quite a collection of Liberty cushions backed in linen about our house! I have done almost no sewing this year due to study and have really missed it. Have just realised I need to make a little time for sewing for my wellbeing. What are you studying?


  2. Hi Amellia, I started a PhD in Education earlier this year. It is both stimulating and frustrating. The juggle is hard. Ironically, I think I found more time to 'create' when the children were little. What are you studying?

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