Move over Sherlock – I am making my own Mind Palace

Confession. I only recently discovered the BBC series Sherlock. And the adventures of Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson (Martin Freeman) have become family favourites. Sherlock is a quirky modern day man. He is socially awkward, genius and yet he is disarmingly perceptive. You would not want to make the wrong gesture or say an odd word in his presence because it would mean something, to him. He would ‘know’ you.

What I am intrigued by is the concept of the Mind Palace that is used throughout the script. Apparently this is a very real and old notion which assists memorisation and recall. Helmut Sachs has a great blogpost which outlines this idea of creating and using a Mind Palace.

There are so many strategies available to us to develop our ability to learn and remember things. I long to know more…..

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