The Board Less Travelled

We are frantically packing and sorting so we can get some painting done. Finally. Taking care of our home has been a huge undertaking. It is a grand house in the Victorian sense with high ceilings, ornate nods to the era and a whole lot of other people’s renovations. It was built for a surgeon in 1876 and sadly he died soon after his pratice and home were completed. It has been owned by a series of doctors, it has been offices for surveyors, a head office for an old telecommunication company and a bed and breakfast. Now it is a home, for all seven of us. 

It overwhelmed us when we first made this home. There were spare rooms, a guest bedroom and whole areas of ‘junk’ aka – too hard to find a home for this!
But now it is our very special home. It has welcomed two little people, additions to our older three children. Every room is maximised, each cupboard full, all spaces accounted for. We have polished boards, changed window treatments, tarted up the outside, ripped up carpets and transformed it all with a lick of Dulux Antique White USA. And now we are ready to paint some bedrooms. As I wait for the little ones to bathe I am on the floor wondering about all those who have tread these floors. And what does it mean to make a house a home, a real home.

Have you renovated? How did you choose your home? Would you optfor something different if you had your time over again? 

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