Good things IN

Today I am really aware of the stuff that I am feeding myself. No this is not a post about food, the super foods and low sugar stuff that is making headlines in mainstream media. This is a simple reflection that somehow in the last 6 months I have been feeding myself more and more eye candy. In spite the fact that I have not bought a single home deco magazine in over 12 months, my crafty and deceitful heart has found other ways to devour home deco porn. Friend’s magazine collections, waiting rooms, the magazine aisle in the supermarket. And more recently I have discovered the ‘eye candy heaven’ of pinterest and yes, instagram. In these social media feeds I can tailor my interests and likes so that I am fed instantly all the stuff that my eyes want to see. Beautiful homes, styled spaces, gorgeous colours, fashion, foodie spreads, healthy lifestyles, living abroad, house tours, travel home wares, books, films and the like. All these things help to shape my appetite and create in me a desire for things, for a certain way of life, to look a particular way. And I feel as though I have been force fed. I am dissatisfied with what I have.

Perhaps I need a new sofa, longer legs, a new car, a travel adventure or a new life. It is the stuff that the world is built upon today. The advertising giants play to our weaknesses and I could blame them, but here it is me, creating my own catch 22. I am force feeding myself. And all that glitters is not gold because what I am being fed makes me jealous, discontent, envious and and ugly. 

So I am determined to change. Good things IN. But what are these good things you ask? 


3 thoughts on “Good things IN”

  1. It is encouraging Deborah and Karen to know that on some of those hard days you are not alone, so thanks for stopping by and commenting. S x

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