Being Grateful

I spent a day on the gratefulness bus the other day. 
One of the teachers was encouraging all the kids to find three things that day that they could be grateful for and to keep them in mind for their (gratefulness) journaling. 
This concept of fostering gratefulness in children and teenagers through education is growing rapidly.  It’s something that we’ve striven for in our own family.  We’ve considered it an important characteristic of family life.  As a family, our gratefulness has a clear focus. The basis of our outlook of gratitude in the family is our faith in God through Jesus; that is, our Christian faith.  We’re grateful to God and we articulate this multiple times each day.  
I think gratefulness needs a target.  We may be grateful for a gift, but we ought to express our gratitude to the giver.  
One of the other staff on this trip is on a mission for the perfect dumpling, and that brings me to my place of gratitude for the day. 
The best dumplings are in Box Hill. 
I’m not naming any particular joint, although we have our favourite.  But we don’t have to bring our family to China to experience the thoroughgoing joy of great Chinese dumplings.  
Amazing dumplings are a regular part of our family life. 

And for that, I am grateful. 

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