It is very rare that I get to hang out with this woman. My little sister. There has always been some geographical distance between us. And there is some ten years separating us in age and whole worlds of different life experiences. I left home before she had made it to the middle of primary school, so I wasn’t around to ‘see her grow up’. And by the time she came to the big city to University I was knee deep in nappies and small people. She was the Aunty with punk, bright pink hair and nose piercings.

People say we look alike. That we can sound the same. We are born of the same mother and father, informed by the same values, beliefs and then been left to figure it all out as adult women. In spite of our different life circumstances we know what resonates with us. Love, faith, race, gender, community. We do life now from different vantage points, ever mindful of being family. Working out what it means to be sisters.

Love you Sis. Sxx

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