A Better Day is Coming

The weekend is full of promise. For most of the Western world we work hard all day and lurch toward the weekend as though it is the ultimate finishing line, our race has been won and we somehow now deserve the prize. I don’t doubt that the need for rest at the end of a working week is real and sometimes all consuming. We equate the weekend with our right to sleep in, take our leisure with everyday tasks, let our ‘hair down’ with some form of relaxing or partying. But for one particular individual better days seem to never come. If you are a mother of one, or two or more – regardless of their age or stage in life – the work of raising a family and caring for their physical and emotional needs does not stop on the weekend. I don’t get a ‘time out’ card to do my own thing and ignore the requests of the four year old for food or play, or to support the teenager with some relationship crisis, or encourage the student with his SAC preparation. As a mother you are on duty for life, 24/7. Mothers serve.
As a Mother to five children I know the longing for better days is real. The need for peace and time to yourself can be at times overwhelming. A break from the overnight feeds and the mundane tasks of family life. But our role is to serve. To love. To serve some more and to hold onto the hope of that better day when our Saviour will come again. I was reminded this week that the Gospel is all about service. John 13:1-17 is about Jesus washing his disciples feet. But he did not come to simply wash feet but to wash our soul. The ultimate service and the start of that better day that is coming to those who accept Him who longs to serve us.

2 thoughts on “A Better Day is Coming”

  1. Such a wonderful post and a helpful reminder Susan.

    I struggle at times with the overwhelming nature of serving my family, and the need for quiet and time on my own (I'm an introvert). I also think at times that surely I must have served my family enough today and can't be expected to do more! Most mornings I am greeted at the front gate of Annabel's school with the school motto 'I grow by serving' which I find so helpful as most mornings are exhausting just getting both children ready and to school.

    I often find the weekend more exhausting than weekdays and I am still working through this and trying to adapt.


  2. Thank you Amelia. This blog post came out of 'nowhere' or so I thought. But the struggles we face as we serve our family can be really tough. And I don't think I ever get through a day feeling I did it and did the day well. So may you 'grow by serving'. Hope the weekend is good for you and yours. S xx

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