The Kuchef ThermoCook

I have a confession to make. I have watched as friends from all sides, with many and varied lifestyles and budgets have bought a Thermomix. I have even attended a gorgeous Thermomix party, where we saw all the amazing things the TMX can do and then we sampled a range of dishes. It was fun. But my big question was how useful can this product be for my family? Everyday I feed seven people, five of whom eat as adults. Will a basic TMX (2 litre capacity) work for our family? Plus the price point just seemed a little too much ($2000) when I have many other useful kitchen appliances. Would the TMX be just another expensive hazbeen in my kitchen?
Well, I have one – just not the Thermomix.
 Aldi brought out the Kuchef Thermo Multi Cooker just before Christmas and after some conversation my man and I decided to give it a go. For $349 we said Merry Christmas to each other and got started on our TMX journey. I realised that as we unwrapped and assembled our Kuchef, just how much I hate reading manuals and instruction booklets. I groaned as it seemed as though there were hundreds of extra components and parts. But the reality was that it was actually very simple to set up and use. The time, speed and temperature functions make making basic recipes a breeze.

The German made Kuchef looks different from its Thermomix cousin. It does not have the capacity to weigh ingredients as you go, it relies on a touch pad to set the time, speed and temperature as opposed to the TMX which also has a dial and it does not have a reverse mixing function. But for a sixth of the TMX price I am happy with my little machine.  

The resounding success of the TMX has meant that recipes and tips are everywhere on the web, there are online recipe communities and social media is bombarded by favourite TMX moments posted from all corners of the globe. The Kuchef Thermo Cook suits all lifestyles, but it would be especially useful for a family with very small children, for individuals who have adopted a whole food/low allergy way of eating and what to create recipes from scratch and for those gourmets who just want to have fun.
The Kuchef is real competition for the TMX and has found its place in this busy family of seven.

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