Screaming for Attention

It has been a slow week online. You must all be away, sick or too tired to take a peek at your regular blog feeds. Simultaneously I have had another week of FDS – I call it  Facebook Deactivation Syndrome. Do you ever feel consumed by the online world? The pull of a status update and then I open up Facebook and am very disappointed. And now I want to unplug.

So I am looking for the new thing, better thing, a new buzz. Should I get more into Twitter and control the content that comes my way? Should I launch a new writing project.

If I spent less time online meandering about maybe I would have time to:

*meditate and pray
* call a friend
* organise my wardrobe
* write a letter
* read a good novel
* listen to some great music
* take a walk in the rain
* look into my partners eyes
* thank God for my kids
* paint my nails
*cook a meal for a family in need
*organise my email inbox

and…….time to really notice what is going on in my life.

SO maybe this is an EDIT of all things online, for a time, maybe….what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Screaming for Attention”

  1. I think we'll miss you, but all those things sound better than Facebook! 😀 It's wise to think through these things, and to have a break. If you're anything like me, all these questions will keep running through your mind, and you'll continue to grow in charting a wise course – to write when you want to and in a way that encourages others, perhaps even to enjoy the good things about Facebook, but also not let it control you or take too much time from loving those around you every day (the ideal, of course, is when it actually helps to energise you for this!). I pray for clarity of mind, and godliness in decision making. Enjoy your time away, and we'll read and love anything you send our way after you get back. xxx

  2. I will miss what you blog, as I think you have great things to say.

    I too am wondering what to do about facebook. There are good things about it, but also very negative. I am thinking of limiting the time I spend on facebook, and how often I look at it.

    I hope you can work out what is best for you.


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