Edit – Facebook?


Ever thought of giving up Facebook? I have had different ideas about Facebook over the last few years – see here and here. In this article from The Age (15/7/13) Neha Prakash offers 8 valid reasons for considering unplugging and disconnecting. I wonder if it may be the internal, subconscious motivations of our heart that allow us to continue using Facebook, unalarmed or uncritical of the real impact it is having on our life. But if we are being honest, the motivation to deactivate your Facebook account is strong.
Some of the stand out ideas include:

On average, women spent 81 minutes per day Facebooking, and men spent 64 minutes.


Facebook is like a credit card – it encourages you to overspend in time you may not have.  

Facebook users, especially females, feel more body conscious by looking at friends’ online photos. 

Facebook envy also bolsters gossip and online bullying, which can only make those involved feel worse.  

So this week, at the start of a new school term it seems pertinent that I review and perhaps EDIT my online interactions. EDIT  –  how I use Facebook.

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