Edit – Decor Lust

You may recall my resolution here not to buy magazines this year. As I scanned the magazines in the supermarket aisle recently I was challenged again and resolute to hold on to this edit. The latest Real Living magazine has finally given voice to all those suggestions, ideas, prompts that I get when I am actively engaged in reading design and home mags. Decor Lust.

Usually the mags tell us how to de-clutter, restore, renovate, renew and make great claims to life changing goodness. But here on the front cover we are told we will want to lust. We will have an uncontrolled and insatiable desire for…..a new sofa, lamp, flooring or designer vase.  I suggest the lure will be subtle, your wants will convert to needs as you flick through the pages and before you know it you will have made an online purchase, watched several items on e-bay or gone out and bought it. What do you think? Do you decor lust? Edit it. Today.

Give thanks for a clean home. For space, for shelter, warmth and for the welcome you are able to offer family and friends. May they desire welcome, connection, community and Him through your home.

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