Foodie Family

I have always been a bit of a foodie. Devouring recipe books, magazine, blogs and eating out to experience a new taste. But lately I have had an epiphany. Having small and bigger people that depend on me to guide their daily diet and make sure they are getting all the good stuff has forced me to begin a review of our food. I am now taking more notice of sugar, of additives and preservatives, the numbers on the back of products. I am thinking about how to increase fibre intake, water intake and provide a variety of foods. And they are moaning about it….

We have a few reluctant eaters, fussy eaters, an eater that avoids greens and another that loves them. They all like spice and sweet things. Meat and carbs like bread, pasta, rice and cous cous. So how do you transition a family of seven into an even healthier way of eating?
I cannot come at throwing away the contents of our very large, well stocked pantry……yet. But I can make the effort to try new recipes and ideas. And I have stumbled upon a few new foodie blogs that I love, love, love.

I would love to hear how you make decisions about what to eat in your home. Do you have people with allergies, dietary requirements, fussy eaters? Are you on a strict budget, are you vegan or vegetarian? Do you grow your own produce? I wonder just what guides the food that you put on your table. It is certainly a big question for this woman who has 7mouths2feed.


2 thoughts on “Foodie Family”

  1. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I like my family to eat food that is cooked from scratch. Both my children have been fussy eaters. To my delight Annabel is now a fabulous eater. Henry has just been diagnosed with Coeliac's. So I am getting my head around that. Some food is made especially for him, and some gluten free meals we all eat. It also probably explains his past food fussiness. He has improved so much in 4 weeks of a new diet, so it is so interesting that certain foods can have such an impact on how we feel.

    Some days I really struggle with the fact that everyone needs feeding so often, and all the dishes. However on the whole I enjoy cooking good food. I find shopping at Adelaide Central Markets makes shopping for food enjoyable (and cheaper/fresher/higher quality).

    I love the idea of a large vegetable garden, but it's not something we seem to be able to make time for. We have about 8 fruit trees, and we love them and at one stage I found preserving quite addictive.

    We have a chest freezer, which I wouldn't want to be without. Its nice to always have meals and baking for school lunches which I can pull out.


  2. Sorry to hear about Henry – but great that you have a diagnosis and can now make a difference for him. I would love to be close to a market again. Melbourne was great and when we lived in London, food was amazing – the choice and variety! I have come to realise that where I shop has influenced our menu. I hate going to several different places, but if I don't I just don't get the things I want. I love how a market inspires you to cook and eat well. S x

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