Recently I bought a large bag of eggplant. I love eggplant but several little people in our family like it less than me. I had considered various ways I could turn my eggplant treasure into something we would all eat. And in a flash of inspiration I remembered Moussaka. What I find extremely interesting though is that out of all of the amazing foodie books, mags and blogs that I read, it was an old school Women’s Weekly Recipe Book, Steps to Better Cooking  that came to mind. 

I could see the picture in the book, alongside several other recipes that I had cooked over the years. The book was a gift from my Aunty and it is one that I have hung on to. I mean to edit my recipe book collection, but sometimes the book is more than the recipes it contains. The book is a memory of a person, a place, a time and an experience.

One thought on “Moussaka”

  1. I read this a week ago and wanted to reply! Got lost in cyber space logistics. Now discovered a way to reply!

    Just wanted to say I do most of my cooking and new recipes with the Australian Women's Weekly cook books! They never go wrong, and even being overseas is not a problem because you can work out the equivalents in measures and ingredients. What an amazing institution!

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