Work Life Balance

In the last few weeks I have had several conversations with women who find the daily juggle of work and life overwhelming. Some women are too busy to recognise that they are not paying enough attention to their health, their partner, their children. Others are mindful of everything that they are not doing – they are not present with their kids, they are not physically available to help anyone. They have blinkers on, to do lists tattooed to their forehead and very little room for error. But I have experienced this first hand in recent weeks. Sickness, fatigue all conspire to push you over the edge and each ball comes tumbling down. Who thought of this juggling anyway?  

At the same time I know that control quickly, cunningly becomes our idol. We are more interested in staying in control than achieving any meaningful sense of balance. My ability to control ‘life’ is more important than how I love my husband, how I serve my kids, how I help my neighbour. If you cannot let go of all the balls you have in the air, for fear of failure or disappointment then you need to talk to a trusted friend. And this is me, right now, today. Too many balls and tight ropes. Most of which I have contrived to put in place. @#&%&!

Noone achieves  a work life balance. There is no such thing. We are called in this life to be all that we can be for His glory. One ball at a time. One day at a time. For He is in control.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1: 9

3 thoughts on “Work Life Balance”

  1. Great post Susan.

    I am working on leaving margin in my life for the unexpected (eg sick kids, health issues, head lice!, friends in need, husband away etc). It is good to be reminded that I should not strive for control though, which i find tempting.

    I hope you have a good week.


  2. Very good blog!
    When women are asked to describe a satisfying life, they often envision a scenario in which they want to please their bosses, mother in laws or husbands. Strike a perfect balance between work and life. This is where the problem starts and the daily juggle of work and life becomes overwhelming. I came across another blog with some great insights on the same subject, its simply brilliant. Its by Nita Kapoor of Godfrey Philips India. Do check it out. Here's the link:

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