Today We Have No Plans

Wouldn’t that be bliss. No plans. Freedom. Flexibility. Everything or nothing.
I am not sure my family hears these words very often at all. But in the last week we have been reading and re-reading this delightful book written by Jane Godwin and illustrated by Anna Walker. Today We Have No Plans is a simple story that works through the activities of each day until the weekend comes. Then there is permission to lounge around in your pjs, eat breakfast for hours, read the paper, play and simply be. The illustrations are particularly special, so I am engaged, as are my little ones.
Do find a copy and have a read, perhaps one day when you have no plans….

PS. There is a new book being published in a few months called Starting School – possibly a great Christmas present!

3 thoughts on “Today We Have No Plans”

  1. We love this book, and the one that came before it, 'All through the year'. They are favourites of Henry and I. Although now he is seven, I am trying to enjoy picture books as much as I can (chapter books are starting to take over, which is good but sad at the same time).

  2. PS. 'Little cat and the big red bus' by the same author and illustrator is lovely too. Also bought Henry 'Peggy' by Anna Walker, which he likes too.


  3. Amellia yes, we have All Through the Year as well. The story is so simple yet so effective. I am always pleased to be reading something that reflects Australian seasons, celebrations and culture. I will look out for Peggy and Little Cat and the big red bus. Thank you. S xx

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