Stop Multitasking

ImageToday I read something that has been replaying in my head all day.

Slow down, pray more and stop multitasking.

Well it could have been written for me. Slow down, of course I need to do that. Pray, yes more, wholehearted, meaningful prayer. Time to speak and time to listen. But you know it was the multitasking element that challenged me most.

I am used to praying while taking a shower, making dinner, knitting, driving kids to school. In fact I am likely to be answering a text message while making dinner, helping with school homework and trying to send up an SOS prayer. Does it sound familiar? 

Probably my role in life right now means that I will do several tasks at once, often in my day. It is how I operate. But when it comes to prayer – communicating with our maker, there needs to be more than a random, ad hoc SOS. I need time. A space and place to focus. Permission to stop everything else. Time to slow down.


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