Food for the Family

I have had more time at home this week. Making soups, cakes, bread, bagels and braises. Even though we have had several family members sick the ‘good’ food has kept coming. Maybe somehow I unconsciously figure good home cooking restores our body and soothes our soul.

Braised Lamb Shanks with white wine and anchovies
Coq au vin – using root vegetables and free range ‘lovely legs’
Chicken and Potato Pot Pies/Lamb Shank Pies
Beef and Sweet Potato Curry – with coconut and raisins
I don’t know about you but I am not afraid of leftovers. Stewed meats become pies. Excess vegetables are used in soups. Leftover rice steamed to eat with a curry will become Fried Rice tonight.
This way each meal ‘talks” to the next. We try not to waste food. We use and add and revamp. It is what the best thrift, scratch cook would have done. What does your weekly menu look like?

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