Kicking the Blogging Beast

Kicking the habit.

Writing. Blogging. It is not unlike having a habit that captures your head and your heart.
I write because it helps me to ‘breathe’, reflect, revise and edit aspects of our busy life. But I write to connect, create and capture special ideas, moments and dreams.

So kicking the habit of writing almost daily was not straightforward. I longed for a fix, for time at the computer, space to take hold of some ideas and commit them into words.

I wrote for a while the old fashioned way. Pen and paper. A New Year’s resolution to write more. But busyness meant that I missed one day, then two, then twenty days…

Taking a break from blogging was also withdrawing myself from technology and accounting for how I was spending my time. I don’t know about you but when I am writing I am also reading – books, blogs, articles…anything. And all the while I am filing away ideas, new perspectives. I am archiving material for future reference, for a project that might one day eventuate. When I am blogging I am usually also reading around a range of things – on the laptop, on the iPad or iPhone. I snatch 5 minutes here and there, waiting around at school pick ups, while the kettle boils, while the kids are taking a bath. Email becomes Facebook, becomes ebay, Pinterest. You get the picture…..

A summer break at the beach, without the usual access to 24/7 world wide web connections made the transition away from blogging and technology a little easier. I read because I wanted to sit and read – not scourge the pages for new ideas. I cooked and ate without thinking I needed to photograph for a blog post. And I enjoyed the company of friends and family without making each experience a ‘kodak aka blogging moment.’ It was liberating. Joyful. Real.

So I kicked the habit for a few months. I took a sabbatical and am now rested. I want to write again and play with this little blog. I want to stay connected without compromising my ‘real’ life connections. But I am willing to kick the blogging beast again, if its roar becomes too loud.

2 thoughts on “Kicking the Blogging Beast”

  1. Thanks Marg. I am always encouraged when readers comment and 'discuss” otherwise it can be an isolating exercise. I have been experimenting with other blogging platforms too. Do you use educational blog platforms?

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