Princess Diana

Do you remember Di? My grandma who has recently passed away, had a real thing for the royals. As a child she made scrapbooks of pictures and articles about the Queen and her family. As a young girl she passed magazine cuttings on to me whenever she visited and I started my own scrapbook, documenting the courtship, wedding and family life of Princess Diana and Charles. This pastime did not progress further than the birth of her two sons. But on the day of her tragic death I was shocked. I remember where I was and who I was with.
As a wife and mother and a woman with considerably more experience than the girl who made a ‘scrapbook’ about Diana I now have respect for her. Oh what a complicated public life? I wonder what she dreamed about, hoped for, longed to see come true for her….and her boys.
My small girls love princesses and play and dance to princess music all dressed up in fine attire. Some day I will tell them about Diana  and they will know that the life of a Princess is not all pink frills, frocks and tiaras. But that each girl is a princess in God’s heavenly kingdom.

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