Feeling good…

Well my my, I think this is one of the first years I have managed to do a complete overhaul of the Christmas shopping and wrap presents for all the cousins and small people. There is still a lot to do. My man asked me if he could help – nah, not really. He has also asked if I need to do all the Christmas jobs I set myself. Like Christmas baking, making an advent calendar, plan a family Advent activity, prepare cards and notes and handmade gifts for teachers, music teachers, ballet teachers, rowing coaches, the crossing lady and so on. Well, I think the answer is yes.

Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. One day a year I can go for the whole “let me tell you about Jesus” thing with abandon. I need to make the most of this opportunity and help to encourage friends, family and community to SLOW down as we rest and reflect on why Jesus’ birth is so special. That makes me feel good.

2 thoughts on “Feeling good…”

  1. Tracey I know that my man asks because he sees me getting into quite a state trying to keep up with all of the Christmas preparations, many of which are extra. But I know he asks because he is caring for me and wants me to feel free to 'give up' some of these tasks if I need to. I must learn that if I say yes, then I need to do each task joyfully, without grumbling. Quite a challenge!

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