The 7 Stages of Motherhood

A recent blogpost on motherhood from Deb has caused me to remember a powerful book I read some years ago, and one I should revisit. Anne Pleshette Murphy’s book, The 7 Stages of Motherhood: Making the Most of your life as a Mom came across my desk at an interesting time. It was that limbo time between being settled with three children and debating with my man, myself and my future life whether to have another child.

Being a parent is hard work, amazing and life changing. It is the ultimate transformation, a powerful and thrilling metamorphosis. Most parenting books focus on the dos and don’ts of baby and child care, not on the role and well being of mothers. Murphy looks at the emotional lives of mothers, at how we change and grow from the moment we get pregnant to the day we watch our kids graduate from high school.

To realise that motherhood is not a journey of high risks and great adventure from which you will come back home, unchanged, ready to resume ‘normal’ life is liberating. In fact it is a journey that you never return ‘home’ from. As a mother you change; we all do as we parent our kids. Murphy guides our thinking on this topic. And little by little we discover that  ‘home’ becomes a new place, where you find yourself with your man, your child and your heart. 
A new home and a new stage – for life.

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