When God’s Plan Doesn’t End Well

 What would you do if disability hits home? Your home? Many of us are privileged to know and be in community with others who share their homes and lives with a child or young adult with a disability. And some of us would be aware of the daily trials that go with that.

But how do we make sense of life when God’s plan doesn’t end well? This short video about the life Shannon Macfarlane Sproul (1997-2012) is tremendously moving. She was born the same year as my eldest child. Her life journey has been so different, but her parents are adamant that God’s Sovereignty, compassion and tenderness were undeniably displayed. I hope in all our ability we display God’s Sovereignty.

2 thoughts on “When God’s Plan Doesn’t End Well”

  1. Hi. I have only recently discovered your blog but am coming quickly out of lurkdom to say thank you so much for this post. It was a privilege to watch this video. I have found myself thinking, reading and praying about this very subject during the last year or two – of trusting in God's sovereignty in all situations and circumstances – but in God's good grace it is largely theoretical for me at the moment. Beautiful to see trust in God's sovereignty so clearly lived out and praying that this might indeed be my response too in a time of trial. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Meredith. Sometimes we are pulled out of our own apathy to see how God is at work, really at work. My man shared this one with me and I just had to add it to my blogposts. I am encouraged by your prayerfulness on this topic. S x

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