A Child’s Heart

What goes on in the mind of a child? As they play, imagine and dream ……How we care for them, love, cherish and nurture them has a lot to do with the kind of day they have, the notion of who they are and what they become. Do you encourage your little ones to have free time? Free play? Away from the structures of school or kinder, the round of extra curricular activities there needs to be time to just …..be. To dig in the sand, pick flowers in a neighbour’s garden, make bubbles in the kitchen sink, dress the pet cat in doll clothes or cover the cement pavement with chalk drawings. This all helps them and it helps us discover who we all are…made in His image and full of a creative and imaginative heart.

One thought on “A Child’s Heart”

  1. Oh yes I totally agree with this one, these days I think it's sooo important for our kids to just, as you say, be. It can be amazing to see what they get up to (some things better than others!!) when given the time and chance to imagine, create and play. That's the best part of being a kid isn't it??!? x

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