Thrifting for an Opportunity

This week really has been busy. We have all been busy and finding time to take a breath and relax and rest has been rare. So what I find myself doing when I am knee deep in dirty laundry or bills to pay, papers to grade or food to prepare….I think about visiting the op shops down town.

Here in Australia we call them op shops, charity stores, thrift store maybe. But whatever the name, the hunt for a bargain remains the same. And I have been frequenting them since University days when I was always on the look out for  beautiful men’s Harris Tweed jackets to wear with Levis 501s and a white T shirt. Now I look for brand name quality pieces, great vintage fabric, mid century furniture and quirky finds to decorate my home. And I have quite an extensive list of great finds.

If you are new to thrifting there are some ground rules:

  • An op shop that is clean, bright and organised may be user friendly but may have less bargains
  • Scan all items of clothing for holes and stains
  • Always try an item on before you purchase it – just because it is only $5 doesn’t mean it will be a great buy if it doesn’t fit
  • Check the make, model, brand. You can tell a lot about the quality, the age and the longevity of a product this way
  • Make a habit of doing a quick sweep of each area to see what jumps out at you (think colour, pattern, design) and then revisit those again for a thorough look
  • Toys, books, leather belts, mirrors, cake tins, vintage fabrics and sewing notions are some of the key overlooked areas

 I am sure there is an adrenalin rush in stumbling across an absolute treasure amongst the trash.

What is your best op shop find? Dare to share…..?


2 thoughts on “Thrifting for an Opportunity”

  1. A few months ago I found a kids' “tin man” costume – top and pants – for $4. It's made of silver vinyl and very well constructed. It could be a space man, a robot, a tin man, or super hero. In other words, it's dress-up box gold. And I'm hoping it can be used for a few book week costumes with the additions of a few different accessories.

  2. Deb this is a great find and I had totally forgotten about dress ups! One year I gave my girl three “ball gowns” from the op shop for her birthday. They would have been gorgeous in the day….silk, taffeta, tule and velvet. But all the girls have had great fun with what was a modest purchase from the op shop. I will be on the look out for silver vinyl too! There are always last minute school costume emergencies that require something extra.

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