Post Holiday Stress Syndrome

I have sat down to write several times this week and have left my laptop, gone and done other jobs, returned and seen the screen waiting for me. I have not been able to write. It may be post holiday stress syndrome, otherwise known as a mountain of housework, a pile of paperwork, laundry to boot and more routines to master. Plus I feel tired, like I need another break.

One of the sad things about holidays is that I end up feeling out of touch with my friends who live around the corner. I allow the paper trail of bills, invoices, and docs to grow. And my to do list becomes a to do later list. Do you ever find the thrill of being away somewhat masked by the effort of organising everyone to go and then to return? So this week is about coming home, getting organised, finding my feet and discovering our routines again.

But it has been an unusual week too. My man has been working out of town more than normal, family have had serious medical tests, my sister is nursing a new baby and recovering from a C section, my daughter’s friend lost her Dad via a car accident, our washing machine is not working, my boy has been in a 2 day orchestra workshop and we are juggling the usual kids commitments and teenage requests for social gatherings. But God is good. We are not cold or hungry. We have more than we need. It is all the finishing touches to life that I worry about really. And this week is like any other really. Full of surprises but none greater than I can bare. I am sure PHSS will pass soon enough……

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