So I will put it out there in hope that you will help. Polyvore. It creates mood boards for those of us that like to collate our favorite things. Have you used it? Do you have something similar that works? Great for arranging images for play or work…..

Digital Magazines…

Magazines. Will the real thing ever be replaced? I am sure we have had this conversation before, but in a week when I am mindful of technology and how I use it, I have to revisit this debate.

I have stacks of magazines all over the house. In fact there are probably mags in each room in my house. Recent publications, a 20 year collection of Vogue Entertaining and Australian Gourmet Traveller from my catering days (which I cannot bring myself to dispose of), a few special mags I bought for a particular feature. They all make up colourful towers here and there.

 I re- read EST magazine last night on the iPad and it was sooo beautiful and such a delightful experience. I thought I would miss the paper, the quick lick of the finger to turn the page. But…ummm, well, no? Are you reading your mags online in digital form? The real thing won’t go away in a hurry. But as big name newspapers revisit how to make more money and opt to go digital in the very near future, it makes sense that more magazines will be launched in digital format.

Maybe that should be my next BIG project?

Apps on your iPad/iphone

This is somewhat overwhelming no? The App store is an endless source of possibilities. Only today over lunch with a few girlfriends I heard of apps that calculate your calorie intake and plan your route for your next run. Do you have many apps that are really useful on your devices?

I enjoy Instagram ( cute instant photo app), Redstamp ( easy to use invite/letter maker), HomeBudget ( home finance records), Pulse (organisational tool for all of my blogs and news reading) and of course the Facebook/ebay mobile apps. Of course there are many that are designed to entertain the kids. What do you use?

Do you have a must have app that you would like to share?


So I am a bit slow on the uptake of Pinterest. After watching every blogger I follow and friends on social media adopt this online pin board with vigour I have finally succumbed. For a girl who loves inspiration, magazine and new things it is perfect. And conveniently is it a way for me to collate all the things that I find and want to revisit on a rainy day. Using a FB platform Pinterest allows you to pin pics that you like around a range of topics of your choosing. Food, Family. Fashion. Craft. Photography. Design. This list is endless. It is helping me plan a quilt and a bathroom decoration.
If you want to find out more read all about it here. At the moment it is fun and a way of connecting like minded people but I can imagine it being useful for education and for interests groups as a way of sharing things. Could it be a new application for teaching and learning? A tool for the classroom. Just asking…..

Is Facebook your friend?

“Friendship is wonderful when you can get it, but it is frequently hard to come by…There is a real sense in which that technology can foster friendship… And yet as good as the technology is…the danger with friends today is that we have friends everywhere and friends nowhere. We have a lot of relationships but how many friendships? We have more acquaintances than ever before, we have more people in our networks than ever before, we are known by more people and can know more people than ever before and yet have no friends.”  Kevin de Young

I found this quote on Nicole Whitacre’s blog challenging. This week I am determined to review technology in my life and the life of our family. So thinking about friendship and the role it plays in social media like Facebook is an interesting one don’t you think? How many FB friends do you have? Do you know what they are up to? When was the last time you spoke to then, saw them face to face, messaged them? Who are the people you interact with online but don’t mind ignoring in the street? 

I know the blog world unveils ‘friends’ followers from all over the globe. But are they friends?  Will technology ever foster real friendship?


We have become pretty IT savvy in recent years. We now have some older children joining us on that journey which is exciting but also a wake up call. How do we use technology in a manner that is purposeful and not time wasting and all consuming? Do we reach for it first thing in the morning? Should you be able to use it in all areas of the house? Should their be time limits? When my man and I use it for work, social networking blogging, creating websites, apps, music, film or to look up a recipe, we know it is not going to go away. The question is how to do it well, smarter and effectively.

Maybe that is another post for another day. I thought I would share our latest treat. Spotify. You may have subscribed already but if you haven’t heard about this Swedish music streaming service you are really in for some fun. Music can be browsed by artist, album, record label, genre or playlist. Using your Facebook account you can immediately have access for a trial period or for a small fee have music at your fingertips, ad free.

We have had a great time introducing our kids to older music, dancing to 80s hits around the kitchen table. Revisiting favourites and sharing our kids’ playlists! Check it out to subscribe, it will be worth it.

So you want to post a comment….

You know I would love to hear from you. It is great when you stop by and tell me that you have made a cake or visited a website I have found. A two way conversation is always so much better and there are times when some of the issues and inspiration I come by demand a ‘conversation’. So don’t be shy! If you are not sure how to comment check out this link here. It takes you through the basics. If you are not a blogger then provided you are signed up with google you should be able to comment.

Several conversations have evolved over Facebook and that is fine too. Sometimes housing all the comments in one place helps everyone in their thinking, so may I encourage you use the comment button.