So you want to post a comment….

You know I would love to hear from you. It is great when you stop by and tell me that you have made a cake or visited a website I have found. A two way conversation is always so much better and there are times when some of the issues and inspiration I come by demand a ‘conversation’. So don’t be shy! If you are not sure how to comment check out this link here. It takes you through the basics. If you are not a blogger then provided you are signed up with google you should be able to comment.

Several conversations have evolved over Facebook and that is fine too. Sometimes housing all the comments in one place helps everyone in their thinking, so may I encourage you use the comment button.


2 thoughts on “So you want to post a comment….”

  1. Oh look, I'm commenting!!?! I think blogs need and deserve comments to keep it all going around yes? Anyway I'm really enjoying your posts Susan…inspiring,real, and thoughtful…Janellex

  2. Janelle, how lovely to have you comment. I blog because it helps me express my ideas, explore issues and dabble with the creative side of my brain. I probably read too much, have too many questions and get excited about so many beautiful things out there that I need my blog to catalogue it all. For my family it has been a wonderful record of family life and experiences. And I hope an encouragement and point of connection with my blog friends. S xx

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