Going Grey

When does natural feel unnatural? Or ageing feel uncomfortable? In today’s busy world when we expect everyone to look exceptional and to defy the ageing process the question of whether to dye your hair or not is a difficult one. When I started to go grey in my early 20s I simply asked the hairdresser to colour my hair. I never entertained the idea that such a choice could lead to decades of chemicals and expense and an subconscious acceptance of a worldly standard of beauty imposed upon me by others. Today I still don’t see the issue of hair dye as a gospel one, as we all have freedoms and choice. So I found myself intrigued by the post and subsequent discussion on Jenny’s blog here. You will note that one line of comments have been turned into another blog post at The Briefing, both of which add a lot of food for thought, especially for those with a faith framework.

Several years ago I stopped colouring my hair. As a mother of 5 and at the time a small baby I had no more time to get to the hairdresser every 3-4 weeks, plus the expense and the idea of chemical being absorbed into my system made me stop. It was hard. I have dark hair so I feared looking like a zebra, and I do have a significant grey area at the front of my hair. What is a girl to do?

I looked around me for inspiration and encouragement but found very little. Then remembered Bobbi Brown showcasing a few women in her books who had gone ‘a l natural’. So….I took the plunge, hated everyone staring at my roots and grey growth for months, but it has been worth it. I think grey/white hair can look amazing short or long. And especially cool on men. So ladies take the plunge and try to go without the dye and see where it all leads.

5 thoughts on “Going Grey”

  1. I fully support everything you say. My Mum kept her colour almost until the end of her life but my dad was grey from his thirties. It was always described as distinguished. When my turn came I dabbled with foils as a compromise, but ultimately decided that natural was best, and my money did more good in my pocket than ebing spent on chemicals which could possibly hurt me. One hairdresser gave me a hard time over it but I changed hairdressers! I have admired several women in my life who have had stunning grey hair (I just wish I had the olive skin to go with mine like they did).

  2. It is interesting being the mother of four girls all with gloriously long hair. The issue of hair care and colour is something I hope they have the freedom to explore and have fun with, but also the freedom to go natural when the time comes if they want. You realise that what you do as a mother, models a position, whether it be right or wrong. I know that I have 4 pairs of eyes on me! Watching….

  3. Your hair is to to die for (pardon the pun!) It is absolutely gorgeous! Since I've known you when we both had more colour in our hair I can honestly say it is beautiful and striking the way it is now! Have you come across the book “Going Gray”? It amused me no end to find a book on the topic… it seemed so easy to me… but then I've always been a girl who likes to buck the trend! And SERIOUSLY… have you ever met anyone who looked good with a grey stripe down their part?!!! See, when you're taller, you notice these things more!!! lol!

  4. I struggled with this decision about 4 years ago. I'd never experimented with my hair colour- I loved it just the way it was, brown with natural golden highlights, especially in the summer. So, when it started to grey, I wanted it back the way it was. I soon realised I couldn't achieve my natural colour with all it's subtle highlights. So, I've come to love my silver additions and like most everything else in my life a la natural is the way it will be. Chemical free, expense free and carefree.

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