Sometimes things you read seem to light up your day and your imagination. I assumed that an article on modular, pre fab housing in The Weekend Australian  by Rosalie Higson was going to be pedestrian at best. But I found it so interesting and the link to Modscape has opened my eyes. This is prefab with style and design at the forefront and a particularly strong nod to the environment and sustainability. This is a new home or space in 12 weeks.  I am very interested in this concept and wonder how it might be applied to various domestic as well as commercial projects. The company is Melbourne based and its philosophy is:

modscape is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional process of building or buying a house.
modscape uses the benefits of modular design and prefabrication to create adaptable and flexible housing solutions for any accommodation need, whether a primary residence or holiday property.
modscape houses are modern, factory-built and delivered complete to your land in 12 weeks.
modscape offers a unique solution that combines beautiful architecture with environmentally sustainable design.
modscape homes are efficient and economical. because we oversee the entire process from design to installation, no additional contractors are required.
modscape offers a range of model designed modular homes and prefabricated kit homes.
modscape also specializes in customising your home to suit your site and needs.
modscape delivers australia wide.

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