Excuses, excuses…..

You may recall that last week I suggested that maybe hospitality was a “public duty toward strangers”, “honor of the community” and a “sacred duty”. This notion is challenging to the busy modern man and woman. A frenetic lifestyle based around a career or family often doesn’t leave much room for welcoming strangers into our home, let alone our friends and extended family. Could this be you or me? What might our excuses me? Let me know if you have some more to add as I tease out this idea of hospitality further.

I thought about having some new friends over on Friday night, but I was so tired by the end of the week I cancelled.

By the time I get back from work and sort out the kids, school notes, lunch boxes, uniform, readers there really isn’t enough time to prepare a meal for company.

We live too far out of town and I am sure people really wouldn’t want to make the drive on a wet Autumn evening.

We are on a really tight budget at the moment, we are building a house and every last penny is going towards the new home fund, so no entertaining at the moment.

I am single and I couldn’t possibly have a family over – we literally don’t have enough crockery or cutlery…or seats!

Since we had baby number three the house has been in such a state and I am really hoping to get on top of it. Maybe next month.

I am really not a great cook and the thought of having to coordinate a meal makes me stressed. I just can’t do it.

My children are difficult and I am worried they will behave badly. We can’t take them out and we can not have people at home.

I have thought about asking the new people from our neighbourhood over for a coffee, but there never seems to be enough time.

So many people have food allergies and intolerances nowadays, how can I possibly cater for them all.


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