He returned at nap time to find the crib gone and realized, both figuratively and literally, he now had nothing in his corner.

He forced a smile as his first guests arrived early; he had not yet explored all permutations of pillow arrangements and it would vex him the entire evening.
After suffering a thousand-and-one splinters, he begrudgingly made a concession to her corporeal comfort and purchased a slim pad for the chair.

I accidentally discovered the work of the unhappyhispters and I have to say it is a refreshing take on all that is design focused. These anonymous bloggers take images from well known American Dwell magazine and rewrite the captions. Don’t get me wrong I love design and will spend hours looking at all things interior design and home orientated. In fact as I write this I have at least three tradies putting the render on a new fence, the render specified by the architects. But sometimes we all tend to take this design too seriously. So if you want some light relief do visit the unhappy hipsters. You will laugh and smile and find a small joy in your day, promise!

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