The Daily Life

I am imagining myself writing for the Daily Life, observing what I see in our home each day and presenting you with a report. What really struck me this morning is what makes some transitions into a new day so much more difficult than another? Is it lost school uniform, the disappearing sock, a child unable to decide on a breakfast cereal, an unkind word or two to a younger sibling, repetition of questions, loud noise, extra loud drum practice, expressed unhappiness about the choose of healthy food in the school lunchbox, dismay about having to go upstairs again to brush teeth, comb hair or make a bed. Or a child starting school early for orchestra practice, remembering what is on after school, packing all the correct gear for PE, grabbing the hat as you walk out the door to avoid a demerit, a runny nose or cough. Then occasionally there is a reminder of a bill to pay, an errand to run, a phone call to make. Expressing anxiety for a  friend in trouble. A general discouragement. Recalling a conversation with a friend, dreaming of getting away, of avoiding the commitments of daily life here. Isn’t that what holidays are for?

They have all gone to work and school, all but one and me. Quiet. The house is quieter….the hum of the washing machine, an episode of Play School, the sun is shining. Maybe it will be ok. The mess is tidied away, a cake is made and placed into the oven. I pull back my hair, apply some lip gloss and grab my glasses and take on the world. Where will my rest come from today?

David Crowder – Great God Give Us Rest

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